Miranda Carey’s Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy can help you to:

  • Discover who you truly are

  • To observe and learn from a herd of horses

  • Learn the dance of your emotions so that you can move with ease from sadness to joy and accept what is

  • To learn how to be grounded in your being

  • Be at ease with your body and aware of how it speaks to you and others

  • To learn how to set physical and emotional boundaries 

  • To understand and move forward in relationships, both professional and personal

  • To remember your animal and intuitive self and become a sentient being

  • To let the horses reveal parts of you that you have kept hidden.

  • To learn how to soothe and calm those intrusive voices

What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy?

When reflecting on my work with the horses, clients repeatedly say being with horses reminds them what it means to be alive. EFP is about living, unlike therapeutic practices which excavate the psyche in interior spaces, this seeks to offer the client an open landscape filled with life; the horses remind us there is a life-force beyond our traumas and trappings, they do not judge, they simply allow us to see with more clarity and to remember our own animal & intuitive selves, reconnecting us to our bodies and there we have a roadmap to our emotional lives.

My experience in this work has revealed that with time and the appropriate environment horses accurately reflect a client’s issues acting as natural and honest diagnosticians offering a perspective which resonates with therapists’ humanistic and gestalt training. In order for horses to be able to do this, they must live as a herd in a safe and open environment where they can roam, develop familial relationships and friendships displaying behaviour horses living as individuals or in confined spaces cannot. I have nurtured an ideal space to support the emotional development of the herd, living on a beautiful ecologically diverse farm where they roam throughout the year in a safe and supported environment.



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About Miranda Carey and the herd at Llwyna Farm

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