Farewell to Moss

Saying goodbye to our loved ones is one of the most painful aspects of life that we all have to go through. This five minute film is Miranda and the herds final farewell to Moss, it shows how important it is that horses can say their goodbyes so that they are able to grieve and move on. You will see the different responses the horses have. Vodka the chestnut horse smelt her and licked her and then went off and had a big expansive roll. Maud the eldest member of the herd just wanted to talk to the sheep, she didn’t need to go to Moss once she had died. Whereas Sky needed more time she stood over Moss’s body for a long time, Miranda and Sky were the constant presence through her final days. What is extraordinary is that you will see a photo at the end of the film that looks as if Sky is standing over Moss and yet it is Sky’s shadow. To me this is Moss’s spirit living on.
If you are needing a space to say your goodbyes come to the herd and let them support you in saying your goodbyes so you too can move on.
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Miranda Carey