Miranda Carey is a wise and experienced therapist who knows just how to create a safe working environment for group members, with each other and with her very special horses and professional staff team. Her input is deceptively low-key because she understands so well the part played by a beautiful environment and by nature itself and allows nature and beauty to do much of the work of healing. 

Yet, even though there are candles and beautiful food, it is not at all one of those dire 'touchyfeelyhappyclappy' high on 'bonding' weekends, where everyone feels so good while it lasts and has a big comedown afterwards. The reason is that Miranda allows the horses and the group members to lead the direction and pace of the therapeutic work and is not remotely driven by her own ego or performance goals. 

It is what it is: truth and nature and beauty healing together, in their own way and at their own pace, with Miranda as a skilled, restrained, thoughtful guide who knows so well how to listen and observe and wait, three key skills in this complex, subtle work. I felt hugely enabled by her and the horses and staff team.

Just a word more about the horses – they are such extraordinary therapists themselves! Each so different, too. There is no honesty or feedback or challenge remotely like that of a horse and it is Miranda's gift to make their gifts creatively available to all who participate!

I thought it was an excellent weekend: thoroughly thought through and very professionally managed in every respect: the therapeutic possibilities and limitations of such a structure well assessed; horse safety/know how and their contributions superbly worked out; hospitality and administration faultless. Thereis a great team and the lack of ego, of narcissism, was a great bonus. That it was all understated and quietly done yet very professional was a great achievement.

Marilyn Miller
MA Dip Soc Cert MH TQAP

Miranda Carey